Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T-shirt Tuesday

This first entry is the proverbial “Having a Good Time” Widespread Panic t-shirt. “Having a Good Time,” is the chorus of one of Panic’s earliest songs, Porch Song. I’m pretty sure I mail ordered this shirt in 1996 but it may have been ’94 or ’95. This shirt qualifies as the most ragged shirt in my collection and it’s very close to retirement. The collar is torn away from the back of the shirt (see the bed spread through the back of the shirt.) and there a rips throughout the design on the front. I’ve worn this shirt to who-knows-where and to a least one Panic show at Red Rocks. The shirt’s had its’ own good time and has earned a quiet retirement on the rag pile, resting near an old Dallas Cowboys T. I’ll wear it to my game night tonight and allow it to retire since we will not be seeing Panic at Red Rocks when we visit Colorado later this month.

Now that I have this whole ugly T-shirt count in swing I can fire off five to ten in quick succession and we’ll get to 52 shirts, one for each week, in no time!

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