Monday, June 25, 2012

Marble Brewery; Wildflower Wheat

Wildflower Wheat pours very clear gold. This one is brewed with wildflower honey but it is not sweet at all. In fact, it is a very nice balance of malt and hops, much like a lager. Wildflower Wheat rivals Old Hickory Brewing's Brown Mnt. Light as the lightest beer I have ever had.

The honey comes to the fore as the beer settles and warms a bit. The finish is like a Sprite, it is that light and balanced with stronger honey presence in the end. This may be the king of light beers, a very different wheat beer and very enjoyable!

I have to give this a 4.9 of 5 pints and high recommendations too.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Moorhouse, Blonde Bitch

Moorhouse Brewery is in Lancashire England, I have sampled their Pendle Witch's Brew before but don't recall ever having the Blonde Bitch. And, based on this beverage, I think I'd remember it.

Over the years I have really warmed up to the traditional wheat beers, which this is reminiscent of, but Blonde Bitch is not a wheat beer. B. B. does pour a pale yellow with light carbonation. The first sip is very light, the mouth feel reminds me of a cider or a wheat beer. The malt and hops applications are very light. With a bit more hops this would be an English style Pale Ale. This ale definitely has the body of a cider or a whit beer. The label describes it as, "A premium, light colored, refreshing ale with a sweet citrus dry finish." The description may need more commas or adjectives, but I found B.B. to be a "refreshing" light ale.

 Looking at the Moorhouse website, I can't determine if they have changed the name of this brew to Blonde Witch or perhaps they sell it as B.B. in the U.S.? Regardless, I, personally suggest this delightful little ale and give it a 4.5 of 5 pints, at least.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It is Official...

Que Widespread Panic: (or Vic Chesnutt) It is official, I went to make a burrito and saw, out our kitchen window, the freak of nature that lives in our neighborhood. This is a skunk that appears albino. It is not albino but is all white except for black on his feet and a black stripe on his head. I had seen him before but it was at night. Yes, like Doraville, Ga., at least at one time, Strawberry Plains is a little country in the city. (Do I need another Southern Rock reference here?)

It's only seems appropriate that I provide you all with this video of Vic Chesnutt preforming "Sleeping Man," as I had suspected, Mr. Chesnutt wrote Sleeping Man. I found this on You Tube and it had only 6 "likes" and no comments. All the videos of Panic preforming Sleeping Man were of terrible quality. The significance of this particular tune to this topic, as you should notice, the first line of the song is "your a freak of nature."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things that I have observed this week.

1. No, Mr. My-daughter-has-a-Hawaiian-flower-tattoo, you can not find a Hibiscus bush with a purple flower in East Tennessee. Notice how a majority of the Hibiscus flower colors are red, pink and yellow? This guy goes in my "cultural decline" file.

2. The Screaming Trees are the bastard love child of Ian Astbury (The Cult) and the Meat Puppets.

Hard to believe that, as a young lad, I saw the Trees and the Meat Puppets play at the same tiny club in Birmingham, Al. That club would be the notorious Nick, notorious if you're from Birmingham because; A. it is so small!, B: notorious for booking punk and alt rock shows or generally alternative music of any kind. I also saw Henry Rollins preform there with Rollins Band and, years later, saw Vic Chesnutt preform there.

Didn't mean for my observation to become a trip down memory lane, music's good, on any day, at any age.