Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Brew Year! Taproom 21 Copper Lager review.

The Taproom 21 brand is brewed by World Brews in Navato California and distributed in East Tennessee through Kroger grocery stores. A quick visit to Beer Advocate indicates that World Brews is a contract brewery. Regardless, Taproom 21 fills a gap in the grocery store beer shelves, between the $5.99 PBR and the $8.99 imports and craft brews. I believe it was, on sale for, $7.49 when I purchased a six pack of Copper Lager. I generally avoid these contract brews because they make me feel like I'm paying to drink someone's homebrew.  I thought I would give Taproom 21 a try and save $1.50 when I didn't want to drink PBR.

Copper Lager smells sweet and malty. The pour fills the glass with a lovely copper, golden brown beverage. The first sip is round and malty but a bit sweet. I actually detect a bit of butterscotch flavor. 

This is very light and drinkable. The hops are undetectable. 

Over all, I would purchase the Copper Lager again. There are really no outstanding qualities here, other than affordability. I'll have to grade this Copper Lager at 2.5 out of 5 possible pints.

I am curious about the other styles offered by Taproom 21, they offer a Pale Ale, Amber Ale and Wheat Beer. I will try these if I get the chance. 

Has anyone seen my Brooklyn Brewing pint glass, we seem to have lost it in the move?

Happy New Year to you all!