Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beer Par; a poll

This has nothing to do with Beer Pong which I know nothing about. It’s just another random thought I have just about every weekend. What’s your beer par or how many beers do you need before your ‘fridge is below par?

My beer par is high to moderate. We had eleven beers in the fridge today and I felt I needed to buy more beer. There was no Yuengling which is my cheap beer, the one I drink when I’m doing yard work or just feel like having a “Beer.” We had three Terrapin India Brown Ales, not a style you want to drink everyday and the remains of a Michelob mixed 12-pack. (I’ll include details about the Michelob styles soon.) I promptly went to the local grocery and got a Yuengling 12-pack and a mixed 12-pack of the moment.

What’s your beer par?

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