Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Margarita Monday; on Tuesday

Last week, my acquaintance, gnotions, pointed out the traditional Margarita ingredients for what I would call a “Top Shelf Margarita.” My wife will not allow me to use cheap tequila so they’ll be no problem in that area. We don’t drink that much either. We each had two drinks from the batch yesterday, well, it was Monday of course.

We generally use the Margaritaville Island Lime tequila. Sally recently bought 30 – 30 brand Reposado which we enjoyed. I bought Two Fingers brand tequila once but Sally wasn’t fond of that brand. Baring the availability of any other brands we would probably use Jose Cuervo. For orange liquor I occasionally use Grand Marnier but use Triple-Sec most of the time.

Yesterday I attempted to recreate the blue Margarita. I made a small batch of traditional Margaritas, preped the Margarita glass with salt and ice then filled 1/3 of the glass with Mnt. Dew Voltage. Now the trick is to attempt to keep the drink blue but get it to taste like a Margarita, rather than tasting sweet like the Mnt. Dew. I settled for flavor over color and Sally thought I had used the green Mnt. Dew.

If I'm determined to make a blue Margarita I'm gonna have to try a different combination of ingredients. We'll be in Colorado next week so I'll bring back some tales of Rocky Mnt. Margaritas.


  1. Catching up with my blog reading. Glad to see your wife keeping you in line and away from the cheap tequila. Being a bit of a snob/purist in this regard, I have no recommendations on how to get a good blue Margarita. If you want recommendations on sipping tequila - we can talk. ;-) Cheers


  2. Feel free to add the recommendations for sipping tequilas, I certain to give them a try.

  3. http://gnotions.blogspot.com/2009/12/happy-new-year-2009-goes-out-with.html

    We had a bit o' tequila New Year's Eve, as you can see in the post. Although I hate to admit it, Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo is a fine sipping tequila. It has just a hint of sweetness that is balanced nicely with the hard edge of the typical anejo tequila. However I find it a bit pricey - rock star marketing and all. You will not go wrong with the Milagro, also a very nice choice. The Espolon was nice, but it does not make my top ten list. Another overly marketed Anejo tequila is Don Julio - but again, I can say good things about it.

    Sip these Anejo's, or have them with the traditional lime & salt, or even better have them with a sangrita chaser - my favorite.

    Happy sipping! Cheers