Monday, June 7, 2010

Margarita Monday

Back in 2008 I decided that I wanted to learn how to make Margaritas and I’ve discovered that it is actually a simple process. I was in search of the proper ingredients for making Margaritas, in search of a superior Margarita to the buckets and bag mixes that are so popular during the summer months. To top this all off, we found an Icee machine which shaves ice at Target for less than twenty bucks and we’re on the way to Margarita Lane! Once I had the basic Margarita mastered I wanted to make a blue Margarita. How do ya do that you ask? Just add blue Mnt. Dew to lemon juice and Margarita mix, they tend to be a little sweet or sour so that combination wasn’t a complete success.

This year Mnt. Dew has introduced a lime intensive style and today I used it in a new Margarita recipe. This new Mnt. Dew flavor is called Distortion and here’s the combination of ingredients I used;

12 oz. Mnt. Dew Distortion
8 oz. Lime Gatorade
4 oz. Tequlia
2 oz. Lemon Juice

Mix all ingredients, shake and/ or stir. Serve over ice or shaved ice in appropriate stemware, salt and lime slices are optional. Enjoy and don’t sing too loud…!

Oh yeah, this made about 4 servings of drinks.


  1. I wish I could still drink! Does Dew Distortion come in a diet variety?

  2. Nope, no diet Distrtion, it's one of the three test market flavors for this summer. Thanks for reading.

  3. Margaritas to me are tequila, orange liquor (your choice), sugar and lime juice. OK, I admit to being a tequila and margarita snob! We prefer Cuervo Traditional Reposado, or a nice white tequila (no crap tequila please), Cointreau, powdered sugar and fresh squeezed limes. Sounds good? It really is.

    Crap tequila = hangover. In my experience you can have lots of tequila and no hangover if it is good stuff.

    However - we are always looking for the 'perfect' margarita, so we are open to those snobs willing to share their recipes. :)