Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fanatical Recycling Brand Humor

There’s been a missing dog poster hanging in our neighborhood for about a week. The dog in question is a Yorkie and this reminded me of a one-liner I asked Sally about in reference to my job. I work for a third party provider for a large retail chain. Some folks, even friends, think I work for the chain because if I’m at work, I’m at one of these store locations. The particular big box retailer has chosen to ignore the laws of logic and human decency and allows customers to bring their dogs into their stores. This is not just at one location but at every location of this chain in which I’ve worked and I’ve been in every location in my region.

It occurred to me that one possible explanation is that there’s been a canine liberation movement but I failed to get the memo or view the various news flashes. This C.R.M. or Canine Rights Movement makes me want to take my cat out in public. But cats, unlike dogs and, according to some recent snappy e-mails, Democrats have a mind of their own and want nothing to do with visiting the grocery or local bar or park.

So, not to offend my friends who own lap dogs as my mother owns one as well;

Why do people who own lap dogs always own more than one, do they taste like chicken?

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  1. The Canine Rights Movement is catching on. Next step--dogs running loose in the store. Leashes are oppressive.