Friday, April 29, 2016

D. J. Danger Donkey's Potentially Bizarro Cover Tunes: Camper Van Beethoven covers Black Flag

There's bizarro Bunghole Surfers Middle America F'd Up Noise Rock and there's Camper Van Beethoven West Coast Mellow Folkie  Bizarro. The Camper Vans played a whole list of bizarro covers; Pictures of Matchstick Men, Oh Death, and the complete Tusk album by Fleetwood Mac.

C.V.B. also played heavily in the soundtrack of my adolescents. While the lyrics of Wasted didn't describe my life style it is funny and has a "catchy tune." Plus, I love Black Flag too. Today, while I sit here typing, I am wearing a Cal Berkley sweatshirt which fits perfectly with the West Coast Mellow Folkie theme.

We have all been "gnarley as we drove our dad's car" too.

Just for the fun of it, here's the original version by Black Flag.

D. J. Danger Donkey's Bizarro Cover Tunes:

1. Richard Thompson -- Opps, I did it again.
2. Bunghole Surfers -- Hurdy Gurdy Man
3. Camper Van Beethoven -- Wasted

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