Friday, April 8, 2016

D J Danger Chris spins the Non-Hits

Now class, let's review. Why my obsession with Johnson City, Tn? I currently live 56 miles from Johnson City. When I lived in Strawberry Pains, Tn. I was 80 miles from J.C. It is a quaint little place but, as I hope I have mentioned, Jonesborough, Tn. is more quaint. (Home of the International Story Telling Fest. ya know?)

Second: This 25 tunes project was originally conceived as a 100 song list. I opted to try twenty-five tunes and see how it progressed. So far, so good. There will probably be a "25 tunes you haven't heard because you're a Millennial" list. It should contain plenty of music that is older than I am. There may be a personal favorites list and, maybe, a list of tunes from the Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise. 'Cause they license the music for the game soundtracks. The music in the games runs the gambit from great tunes to bizarro to disposable Pop.

Let's finish the first 25 tunes and then I will let you all know what's up next from the Danger D.J.

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