Monday, January 30, 2012

Flying Dog, Road Dog Porter

Let's get back to sampling some beers; There are two breweries who's beers I constantly keep in stock, these are Flying Dog and Magic Hat. I'll should be writing about these two breweries for a few weeks to come. It's about time for me to restock my supply of Flying Dog drinks which I usually buy in the mixed twelve-pack, which is marketed as Stray Dogs. I still have a few stashed away which I hope to share here.

Today I'll share my thoughts on Flying Dog's Road Dog Porter. Road Dog, like many dark beers, has a sour smell. (Maybe my nose has a limited range of smell references?) It pours a dark brown body with a good foamy beige head. The first sip reveals the flavors of the dark malts that are already apparent to the eye. I also detect a taste very similar to prunes in the mix.

The malty texture and tastes remain throughout until the last few sips turn a bit more bitter. Flying Dog has produced a good, if not great, Porter which is a mouth full of chocolatey malt flavor. While not as creamy as a Fuller's Porter, Road Dog is more economical and a admirable example of an American Porter.

I'm givin' Road Dog Porter 4 out of 5 pints.

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