Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Twenty-five tunes you've never heard because you were not listening.: #16 The Dream Syndicate -- Tell Me When It's Over

I really could have picked any song by The Dream Syndicate, ever heard of them? If you have, I know who you are. "Tell Me When It's Over" has a great "hook" and lyrics that I find poetic. I almost chose the song "When You Smile," or "Halloween." Just listen to this recording, Live at Raji's, it's one of Dream Syndicate's best. 

Dream Syndicate is the band that introduced me to Jam Bands. This is making an assumption that all Jam Bands are influenced by Neil Young, and I believe they all are. They (Dream Syndicate) predated the term Jam Band. I guess Garage Band or Post Punk would be the best descriptor for Dream Syndicate, they predated Alternative too. The Velvet Underground is always mentioned in articles about Dream Syndicate but how often is Television included in these conversations?

I did a brief search too see if there's been a Dream Syndicate tribute recording and found this cover of Halloween by some guys called Polar. It's appropriate, the V.U. influence is apparent.  Also looks like Yo La Tengo has covered this one too.


Also, "I'm just tryin' to remember, the days of wine and roses."

One through sixteen:

1. The Damned -- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1.5. The Damned -- White Rabbit
2. Junior Kimbrough -- Gotta Try You Girl
3. Paul Simon -- Stranded in a Limousine
4. Booker T & the M.G.s -- Green Onions
5. Lee Scratch Perry -- I am Happiness
6. The Jam -- In the City
7. Brute -- Nine High a Pallet
8. The Doors -- Peace Frog
9. Scientist -- Dance of the Vampires
10. Patti Smith -- Dancing Barefoot
11. Tribe Called Quest -- Left My Wallet in El Segundo
12. Ray Wylie Hubbard -- Snake Farm
13. James McMurtry -- Too Long in the Wasteland
14. The Everybodyfields -- The Only King
15. Old Crow Medicine Show -- Wagon Wheel
16. The Dream Syndicate -- Tell Me When It's Over

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