Thursday, March 10, 2016

Twenty-five tunes you've never heard because you were not listening.: #15 Old Crow Medicine Show -- Wagon Wheel

 Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone has heard this song. It certainly fits my East Tennessee, Johnson City theme. I actually didn't know the name of the tune, I just remembered a song that mentioned Johnson City. I also didn't know this tune had been recorded my Darius Rucker. I found this article with all the, seeming, relevant information from the Nashville Scene. The comments below the article are entertaining. Anyone who doesn't understand how a wagon wheel will rock you has no concept of per-industrial transportation. 


The geography is all messed up in this song. I don't know why you'd go through the Cumberland Gap too get to Raleigh? But, I have never hitchhiked from the East Coast and I'm not a song writer. Regardless, like The Only King, this song's nut just about the Deep South, it's about all of us.

One through Fifteen:

1. The Damned -- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1.5. The Damned -- White Rabbit
2. Junior Kimbrough -- Gotta Try You Girl
3. Paul Simon -- Stranded in a Limousine
4. Booker T & the M.G.s -- Green Onions
5. Lee Scratch Perry -- I am Happiness
6. The Jam -- In the City
7. Brute -- Nine High a Pallet
8. The Doors -- Peace Frog
9. Scientist -- Dance of the Vampires
10. Patti Smith -- Dancing Barefoot
11. Tribe Called Quest -- Left My Wallet in El Segundo
12. Ray Wylie Hubbard -- Snake Farm
13. James McMurtry -- Too Long in the Wasteland
14. The Everybodyfields -- The Only King
15. Old Crow Medicine Show -- Wagon Wheel 

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