Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pop Culture Shirts

Posting four shirts at a time will help get through the shirts quickly. But, I'm beginning to wonder if I do have 365 shirts?

This week have four shirts with pop culture themes. The top left is a Hard Rock Cafe T which was a hand-me-down from a relative. The dragon disign is on the back of that one. Top right is one of two Rolling Stones Tees. The black one was purchased from K-mart in the past five years. Below the map of the U.S. it says, "North American tour 1981." The front of the shirt has the R.S. lips with an American flag tounge. The red Stones shirt I purchased at a resale shop here in Knoxville. The bottom left is a Napoleon Dynamite Tee from Wal=Mart. I just wish that shirt was blank rather than having Napoleon's name as part of the design.

19 shirts down and 346 to go.


  1. Is your black hard rock shirt with the dragon on the back from London? I have one of those that I purchased myself from the Hard Rock there. It was one of the cooler HRs I have visited.

  2. No, I started to mention that it is from San Juan. I can't figure out why my relative would give away this shirt? I know the guy played D&D at one time and the shirts got a dragon on it! I also know that the shirt will still fit him too.