Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hands off policy toward Eddie Money

And a definite ears off policy too. I have a thirty mile commute to work each day and I get to listen to a radio station called Jack FM. I work even further out in East Tennessee where all the radio stations are country, pop, sports, new talk or worse. About five miles into my drive I can't receive radio stations from Knoxville. Jack FM is a pretty good compromise; they just play "a bunch of songs in a row." Their play list is a good mix of music from the 70's to the present but often the rotation gets bogged down and I'll hear the same batch of songs form one day to the next.

Friday one of Eddie Money's songs came on for the umpteen-millionth time and now Mr. Money joins the ranks of musicians I refuse to listen to during my drive time. Most of the music I will not listen to was the popular music from my adolescence. These tunes evoke all the fun awkwardness that is High School and I'll change the radio station to avoid them.

Eddie Money was just added to this list after I saw him performing during half time for a BCS bowl game last fall. Eddie's catalogue had some groovy tunes, "Sh-sh-sh-shackin," Two Tickets to Paradise, Take me Home Tonight and Baby Hold on to Me which I believe was the tune I saw him perform on T.V. He was obviously lip-syncing the tune which I think is the lowest form of celebrity bailout. Mr. Money looked washed up performing in a trench coat with a giant marching band as his supporting musicians.

So I've added Eddie M to the other musicians I intend to keep my ears away from; Journey, Foreigner, Boston, Kansas, Styx, Nickleback, Linkin Park, Creed and any versions of the songs "American Woman" and "Lean on Me." A visit to the Jack FM/Knoxville website will reveal that Kansas and Styx will be playing at our minor league baseball stadium this fall, further proof these groups are washed up.

Here's a nice tune I'll take over all those mentioned above.

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  1. We have JackFM here in Washington State too. I like the station but you're right, they play a rotation that can be painful if you don't like the songs.