Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two more for T-shirt Tuesday

Here are two more of my old t-shirts. The one of the left is a t-shirt from Bonnaro 2004 which I attended with some of my old college buddies. Yes, we where old college buddies in 2004 too. The graphics of the shirt display some of the lyrics from the Grateful Dead song Tennessee Jed. Tennessee, of course, being the state where the Bonnaro festival is held. This shirt has various small holes in the front which I always manage to put in my shirts. I guess I snag the shirts on plants while I'm gardening?

You can see, the shirt on the right is a Budweiser shirt. I got this shirt from one of my stepsons when he was ready to retire the shirt. I don't advocate the consumption of beverages from the Anheuser-Busch breweries but it is an All-American brand and well represented on a t-shirt. The shirt is rather stretched and dirty and I had to wash it with bleach once after I wore it to mow the lawn. Lawn mowing is usually what I do in these old hand-me-down shirts.

These two are the last of the old and nearly worn out shirts which I have to share. Now we'll be getting into the old and well preserved or new and worn regularly section of the shirt collection. Six down; 359 shirts to go.

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