Monday, July 19, 2010

Magic Hat Monday

Today I'll be giving a review of Magic Hat, Odd Notion Summer 2010. Each season the Magic Hat brewery makes a new style of their Odd Notion label. The summer beers tend to be wheat beers and the cool season beers tend toward dark ales.

Odd Notion Summer 2010 pours with very little head retention. The fragrance of the beer is like a white wine, like muscadine. The body of the beer is very clear and unlike many wheat beers which are cloudy. The initial sip tastes of wheat and carbonation. The flavor is not hoppy or bitter; I wonder if this is some hybrid of barley and wheat malts? The pallet remains slightly sour and light to the end. I may finally be a wheat beer fan after twenty years of beer drinking.

For the record, I'm the one who ranked Magic Hat #9 and Terrapin Hop Karma in the top five beers in North America.

Wow, I really need to polish that table.

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  1. My experience with wheat beers is as varied as with beer itself. Some are stellar, while others struggle to reach mediocrity. Recommendations are definitely helpful in looking for a good wheat beer.

    Here is the URL to a Gnotion from last summer on summer beer.

    I also skewer Wacko on this one......