Sunday, July 4, 2010

Margarita Monday, or not?

The FRI staff had our usual round of Margaritas this weekend. In fact, we had Margaritas last Tuesday, before our weekly rpg, when we went to dine at Senior Taco. There was nothing fancy to our Margaritas this weekend so I will not discuss the mix, I believe we used Jose Cuervo Martarita Mix and the Margaritaville Lime Tequila.

As will become evident with further posts, I'm a sucker for snazzy pack ageing and new ideas so, I just had to try the Smirnoff Blueberry Lemonade.

I know the idea of this drink creates images of wine coolers and the idea is justified. It's been years since I've had one of these, frou-frou, bottled drinks but the idea of mixing blueberry and lemonade intrigued me and the drink wasn't bad. This isn't to say I'm ever going to buy a pack of them but it really wasn't bad as an experiment. These drinks are marketed as malt beverages rather than wine coolers. As I understand they are made from malted corn and rice (the adjunct liquors of light beers.) This creates a whole new category for these former wine coolers, now they fall into the near beer category along with the MGD 64 I just had to try a few months ago.

My honest opinion of the Smirnoff Blueberry Lemonade is that it is not a bad drink. It tastes mainly like lemonade with just a hint of blueberry in each sip. I like blueberries but I wouldn't have thought of putting them in lemonade. If you don't like blueberries but you do like lemonade, don't shy away from this drink, the blueberry flavor adds just a bit of sweetness to the sour lemonade flavors. The drink could even be used in a Margarita mix and I'm likely to give it a try some time, maybe with more blueberries? Nah, I know that no one else would like a Blueberry Margarita.

A second product, that I noticed while in Colorado, is Frida Kahlo Tequila. I had never heard of this product and was intrigued by the image of Frida Kahlo on tequila packaging. This combination is culturally appropriate, in my opinion, but since I'm not Latin American I really don't get a vote. A brief internet search indicates that this tequila markets for $36 to $75 dollars and had, of course, created some protest associated with using Frida's image for marketing. I don't want to get involved in the politics of this issue. I'm just presenting the product to say, "Look at this." If you like modern art and you like adult beverages, here it is.

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