Monday, December 3, 2012

Magic Hat Heart of Darkness Stout

While I haven't read Mr. Conrad's book this beer certainly inspires me to catch up on my reading. Heart of Darkness pours a dark, creamy brown and smells, much like it looks, of coffee. On further review, I will amend my description of the appearance, this beer pours as dark as night. The first sip  tastes of dark, bitter chocolate with a hint of banana, (This is reminding of something else I recently reviewed.)

This stout is no heavier in volume than a lighter ale but  easily gives the impression of heaviness. Delicious, perfectly carbonated with a subtle but persistent bitterness.Why the many chocolate lovers I know don't like stout I'll never understand? The beer could be described as a liquid chocolate cake, yum!

Grade: A great, great beer and another big "thank you" to Magic Hat. 4.75 of 5 possible pints.


  1. I have had this recommended by friends, and I just never find it on the shelf. Sadness.

  2. Time to see if Blogger let's me comment on my own blog today:

    I had your address at one time, sounds like I may need to send you some "snow globes" for Christmas.

  3. Chris Creel, my name is Alan Shaw. I took that photo of Magic Hat Heart of Darkness for my review at You don't have permission to use it. Could you please take it down? Thanks!

  4. You bet bud and happy new year to you too.