Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Four more shirts, four more shirts!

When I was a younger man I loved to attend Rock n Roll concerts and still have many of the t-shirts from these events. There are enough of these shirts  that I should donate them to those who might need some new, clean clothes. But I can't part with them, I will wear them all some day. Here are four such shirts that don't make it into the laundry line-up very often. 

The first is from April, 1998, the last time Widespread Panic came back from hiatus. I understand they took a hiatus this year too. I should add this one to my wardrobe before it falls apart in my drawers. 

This Bob Dylan shirt has the year 2000 on it. I could not tell you when I wore this shirt last? 

Two more shirts, two more Rock groups. I never owned a Rolling Stones t-shirt when I was in high school, now I own two. I found this red Stones shirt at a second hand clothing store here in Knoxville. A friend of a friend designed the Phish shirt some time last decade, I don't wear it much either.

These make 57 shirts presented with 208 remaining to reach 365. I've got enough shirts to wear a different one every day for two months, isn't that enough? I might try that!


  1. The '98 Widespread Panic one is pretty epic.

  2. Yeah, it's only four years younger than my truck. I tried to comment on your blog the other day but Blogger and my comp. are having a disagreement. I was commenting on how your in good company with your, recent, low post rate.

    Happy Holidays to ya.