Tuesday, August 21, 2012

T-shirt Tuesday returns from a long vacation.

Yes, my job is busy enough that t-shirt Tuesday has been on vacation since Jan. 31. In that time I have acquired a few new shirts and can't recall disposing of any shirts. Here are two new additions to the collection. I finally purchased a Fanatical Recycling t-shirt from Zazzle. I thought the shirt was going to be a more neutral color green and, while it is not a color I would normally wear,  I have come to accept the lime green as an appropriate color for a shirt from the recycling services industry.

The second shirt is from Estes Park, Co. when Sally was out their earlier this year. As you can see, it has the image of a moose inside the Batman logo. Both these shirts have been in pretty heavy rotation this year.

So, what's our t-shirt tally? 50 shirts posted and 315 to go to reach 365. Hum?


  1. That Estes Park shirt is really cool!

  2. Thanks Mik, I need to resolve this catalog of my t-shirt collection this year.