Monday, August 20, 2012

New Belgium: Shift, Pale Lager

After years of beer drinking, I’m finally coming around to the IPA style. Ironically, the beer that proves this is a lager. But, This is no simple lager, it is Shift by New Belgium of Fort Collins, Co. I tried Shift, at my favorite pub, Union Jacks, and, at the time, didn’t realize that Shift is a lager. It was so hoppy, I assumed that it was an ale. I purchased a few cans of Shift from a local beer store, read the label, and was surprised to learn that this very hoppy drink is a Pale Lager style. 

Shift pours a beautifully clear golden orange which reminds me of a Fosters or a Canadian lager. The pour leaves a nice foamy head which laces the glass. A whiff of Shift gives me a strong hint of grapefruit juice and the first sip is a strong IPA sensation. Yeah, this is an IPA! If this beer were brewed by any other brewery I would continue to argue that it is an ale. 

Ah, another sip and more grapefruit flavoring. Shift is a lager for beer lovers who want something more than some cereal malt in their drinks.  It is very smooth, light a lager, but deceptive with the strong hops presence. The hops certainly are not overwhelming, Shift is a light and refreshing beer. 

One of many reasons I wear New Belgium cap nearly all the time; 4.5 out of 5 pints.

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