Friday, February 3, 2012

Paperback Friday: Fletcher Pratt

Theses came from McKay Used Books and cost 65 and 75 cents respectively, they have not been read yet. I am glad I scanned these book covers as the cover for Alien Planet is now damaged due to the overly sticky price stickers from the book store. Now the green chicks torso and right arm are missing from the cover of the book!

Alien Planet; Kidnapped into Utopia
Copyright 1932, Teck Publishing Co.
Copyright 1962, Inga Pratt
An Ace Book by arrangement with
Thomas Bouregy & Co. Inc.
Second Ace Printing: January, 1973
Original cover price: 75 cents.

Invaders of Rigel
Copyright 1960, Fletcher Pratt
Bouregy Edition Printer: April, 1960
Airmont Edition Printer: January, 1964
An Airmont Book published by arrangement with Thomas Bouregy & Co. Inc.
Published simultaneously in the Dominion of Canada by the Ryerson Press, Toronto.
Published in the United States of America by the Colonial Press, Inc., Clinton, Massachusetts.
Original cover price: 95 cents.

Next up on Paperback Friday will be Joanna Russ.

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