Friday, February 10, 2012

Paperback Friday: Joanna Russ & Theodore Sturgeon

And Chaos Died
Copyright 1970, Joanna Russ
An Ace Book. All Rights Reserved.
Original cover price: $.75.

To Sidney J Perelman and Valdimir Nabokov.

I have had this book for years, and years and read it long ago. I purchased it for two reasons; the cover art really leaps out at me and, at the time, I was pretty unfamiliar with female Sci-Fi writers. It is one of the few books that I have never returned to the used book stores but I still have only read it one time. I think it's about time for a review.

The Female Man
Copyright 1973 by Joanna Russ
A Bantam Book / February 1973
This book dedicated to Anne, to Mary and to
the other one and three-quarters billions of us.
Original cover price: $1.25.

I'm pretty sure I purchased The Female Man at the Friends of the Knox Co. Library Sale where I also found a copy of the Philip Jose Farmer novel Flesh. Someday I'll share the contents of both of these books with the blog-o-sphere.

Sturgeon in Orbit
Copyright 1964, Theodore Sturgeon
First Jove/HBJ edition published: January 1978
To the most patient of all editors, who is out-shown by Perkins only for his lack of a wolf, Don Bensen and his lovely wife Anne.
Original cover price: $1.50.

This is a collection of five short stories originally published in the pulps from 1951 to '55.

Next time I'll be featuring some Brian Stableford book covers.

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