Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rosemary Liqueur or,

What do ya do with a quarter cup of rosemary that is languishing in your kitchen cabinet?

Back before our move to North Carolina I blended a new concoction at, what was, First St. Beverage Co-op. We had four or five sprigs of rosemary that kept sitting in the cabinet, we would forget we had grown some rosemary and reach for the commercial rosemary when cooking. Eventually, my brewing instinct kicked in. Speaking to me quietly, saying, "We can pickle that." The quiet voice became an overwhelming roar and I turned to the entree-net for help making a Rosemary Liqueur.

My primary sources for this project where Seth's Food Blog and Don Osborn's YouTube resource. I followed the directions from Seth's Blog because I was trying to make a rosemary flavored liqueur, I didn't want it very sweet and I didn't want an orange or lemon liqueur. Don O mentions that the Vodka cost $20 for a liter. I believe I paid $10 to $12 for 750ml of vodka. I don't recall which brand I purchased but I did avoid the stuff sold in plastic bottles.

Here is the process I used to infuse this liqueur:

  • Place juice and peel from one lemon and one orange in half gallon glass container.
  • I improvised, as I often do in the kitchen, and used the peel and a few pieces from an apple too.
  • Add rosemary, about a quarter cup.
  • Add 750 ml vodka to glass container and keep refrigerated for thirty days. 
  • After 30 days in refrigeration remove all solids, citrus peel and rosemary. Add simple syrup made with 2 cups water and 1 cup sugar to the citrus and rosemary infused vodka.
  • (I cut the sugar content in half to avoid too much sweetness in the final product.)
  • Refrigerate for another two weeks, enjoy.  
Here is what the blend looked like after a month of refrigeration, before the solids were removed.

Now, I have to admit that the ended product was not a Rosemary Liqueur. It is a citrus liqueur without any noticeable rosemary flavor. I have enjoyed it and have shared it with friends and family and have less than a quart remaining in my refrigerator. It is certainly as enjoyable as any commercial liqueur available. As with all the projects from my secret laboratory, I'll keep working on it.

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