Sunday, October 18, 2015

Revisiting Subconscious Concerns

I had a great date night last night with Sally Wally. We got to enjoy a new dinning experience at Papas and Beer on Tunnel Rd, my Burrito Organico was so huge that I brought half of it home. Afterwards we went to the Crow and Quill and enjoyed some amazing, handcrafted cocktails. I am certain that I will be writing about the Crow and Quill on some other social networks.

Oddly, I had the old dream in which I am still in college, close to graduation, but am confused about my graduation requirements. Amid that confusion I was in the middle of moving my housing from the ground floor of an apartment building to the second story. The new occupants had moved into my old apartment but I had to retrieve my cat and give them the key. I have had cats most of my life but we currently do not own any pets.

My dreams have been very vivid lately and this one certainly was. The cat was even identical to one of mine, a tabby who was quite chubby. In fact, she was the only chubby cat I have ever owned. I am not trying to draw any correlations between the enjoyable evening and these things which no longer need to occupy my conscious thoughts. All I can do is document this as a dream journal.

Back to reality, did I ever tell you about the time I infused a citrus liquor? I hope to share that with you all soon.

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