Monday, November 5, 2012

Yuengling Premium Lager

Here's a new drink from the good folks at Yuengling. Apparently "premium" doesn't mean what I think, in regards to beer. I would think that "premium" would mean excellent, or superior, but, in regard to beer, I believe it indicates the beer is brewed with premium cereal grains. ( I gonna look this up when I finish writing this review.)

Yuengling Premium is not the first premium lager which I have sampled. Perhaps the use of "premium" on the beer labels is just code for "Buy this beer Chris!" I can't say that the beer style disappoints me but all the "Premium" beer labels might as well read, "Lite Beer by Miller," as they all seem to be made with light malts, corn and rice and no noticeable barley.

Yuengling Premium seems to be a good example of this style, it's just not one of my favorite beer styles.

Grade: 2.5 out of 5 possible pints.


  1. I found this one to be different enough to regular Yuengling lager to be noteworthy, but only just...