Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paperback Friday: G - J

Here are the book covers I have scanned for authors whose last names begin with the letters G to J.

Planet in Peril by Pamela O'Neill & Kim Mohan
Ace Science Fiction

There is very little traditional publication information in this book. There is an ISBN but there is no publication date but contains the imprint. "New Infinities Productions, Inc." This is book 1 of Gary Gygax'z Cyborg Commando and, thus, I'm filing it here under the letter G.

I found this book while on vacation last year and apparently paid $3.00 for it. I had never heard of this title or series before and purchased it because it includes Mr. Gygax's name in the credits, of course I have not read it yet.

Robert Heinlein: The Rolling Stones
A Del Rey Book, Published by Ballantine Books
Copyright; 1952 by Robert Heinlein
First Ballantine Books edition: June 1977
This edition published by arrangement with Charles Schribner's Sons.
Cover art by Darrell K Sweet
dedication: For Lucky and Doc and Barbara

This book was a recommended read at discussion I attended on Classic Sci-fi Novels at ChattaCon a few years ago. I found this copy at McKay Used Books for $3.50 but haven't read it yet.

John Eric Holmes: Mahars of Pellucidar
Copyright 1976 by John Eric Holmes and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
An Ace Book by arrangement with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

I think I discovered this book through a blog post and found it on Amazon. I believe I paid about $4.98 for it and haven't read it yet. I've got plenty of reading to do in 2012!

John Jakes: Brak the Barbarian
Copyright 1968 by John Jakes.
First published in book form in the U.S. by Avon Books, 1968.
Reprinted by Tandem Publishing Ltd, 1976. (in the U.K.)
Published by arrangement with the author.

I found this one on Paperback Swap dot Com and read it shortly after I received it. I also wrote a review over at The Polyhedral Dicebag. The book's now posted at Paperback Swap for any who might want it, just search for ChrisnSally at PBS and I'll mail it to ya.

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