Friday, April 15, 2011

Paperback Friday: Alan Dean Foster

Splinter of the Mind's Eye
Copyright 1978, The Star Wars Corporation
First Ballantine Books Hardcover: Feb. 1978
First Paperback Edition: April 1978
Cover Art by Ralph McQuarrie

I read this book when I was just a lad, when the book was first released. When in college I traded my copy of the book at some used book store. Then I found the book again at McKay Used Books for $1.25. I haven't reread the tale yet.

The Day of the Dissonance
Copyright 1984 by Thranx, Inc.
First Printing: September 1984.
A Warner Books Edition

I found this one at the Goodwill Store last year and so far it's just been collecting dust. I'm not a big fan of A. D. Foster as owning only two of his books should indicate. I have read one of his Star Trek Logs and wasn't impressed by the storytelling. I also recall owning his novel Glory Lane but I can't recall ever having read it. I suspect I may have owned that book for the silly cover art alone. I often see Glory Lane on the shelves at McKay Books but have yet to purchase a copy, only time can tell...

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