Friday, November 12, 2010

Paperback Friday: Butler & Carter

Erewhon by Samuel Butler
First published in 1872.
This edition published 1996, Wordsworth Editions Limited.
Erewhon is one of the 501 Must Read Books and I aquired it through Paperback Swap.

Sky Pirates of Callisto; Copyright 1973 Lin Carter.
Published by Dell Publishing Co. Inc, First printing January 1973.
I found this one at McKays Used Books in Knoxville for 90 cents.

When the Green Star Calls; Copyright 1973 Lin Carter.
First printing July 1973 Daw Books, also found at McKays for 75 cents.

The Years Best Fantasy Stories: 2; Copyright 1976 Daw Books, Inc.
First printing August 1976.
I found this one at the Sweetwater, Tn. Flea Market for $1.oo.

The Barbarian of World's End: The fourth book of the Gonwane Epic.
Copyright 1977 Lin Carter. First printing May 1977 Daw Books.
This one is probably from McKays too.

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