Wednesday, November 10, 2010

F.R.I. Year End Report

This first week of November seems as good a time as any for the 2010 Year End Report for Fanatical Recycling Inc.

1. The problem with T-shirt Tuesday is keeping track of the shirts that have already been featured. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved during the remaining days of the 2010 calendar year so that T-shirt Tues. can click along in 2011.

2. Paperback Friday should resume this Friday, NOv. 12th.

3. What I'm reading: I'm actually finishing The High King by Lloyd Alexander. I hardly ever read any series of books in order but I've read the last four books of this series since the beginning of Oct. I suppose I'll finish reading Janet Evanovich's How I Write next. The book is literally about how she writes, as it is mainly passages, as example, from her Stephanie Plum books. I have read none of Evanovich's novels but if syrupy romance is your thing, How I Write may be an effective learning tool for you. This stuffs not really my area of interest, I discovered this book while working at a book warehouse earlier this year.

4. Scott, one of our fellow OSR bloggers has mentioned a personal ban on buying books in 2011. This is a policy which I also need to adopt. Knox, Co. Tn. is blessed with the most amazing used book warehouse, Mckay Used Books. I'm always able to find great deals on old paperbacks there, usually at prices from $2.00 to less than $1.00. This has allowed me to purchase no less than five books each month. I have a bookshelf full of books and need to buy no more in 2011, with a few exceptions. I'll write of the exceptions as they occur.

5. What is Fanatical Recycling Inc? F.R.I. was created as a writing outlet for ideas and opinions which are not related to table top role playing games, related literature, ideas or new rpg material. F.R.I. has become a journal of my personal interests, beer, music, old paperbacks, Margaritas, travel, etc.

I had hoped to use F.R.I. to write about my opinions of modern culture. I can't say that I have political opinions; I can only say that I have a philosophy. I have learned that other people rarely listen to "philosophical" ideas which they do not already share and this has placed my philosophies into the deep recesses of my personal consciousness. Perhaps, throughout 2011, I will be able to record some of these opinions and philosophies through F.R.I.

6. Welcome to Zanazaz our second, visible, F.R.I. follower.

7. Lastly, this is my 95th blog post since I started blogging on Oct. 29, 2009. That's nearly two blog articles each week and it is a lot more writing than I was doing before I started the Polyhedral Dicebag blog.

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