Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UT shirts

Since moving to Knoxville in 2007 I've purchased a few shirts to help me blend in with the natives. It just seemed appropriate, since I live in a college town, I should have some apparel of the home team. Wal Mart was a big help with this too when I found a Tennessee vs. Bama shirt for $2.00. I also found a neat old school t-shirt design at a store in "the mall." I like the slate blue color of the shirt too. Then the Lady Vols won the women's NCAA Basketball Championship a few years ago and Sally got another shirt for me. Honestly, I hardly ever wear any of these shirts. I wore the slate blue shirt with the football player to work about a week ago and a co-worker said, "Oh no, football already!" I replied, "Oh yeah, I just like the shirt and didn't even associate it with the approaching football season." I do wear the grey UT shirt which I posted earlier quite often.

22 shirts presented, 343 shirts to go...

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