Monday, July 31, 2017

D. J. Danger Donkey's Bizarro Covers: REM plays Roger Miller (King of the Road)

Despite all rumors too the contrary, I have not been living under a rock. I have, however, been living on the side of a large piece of rock in North Carolina. I'm sure I mentioned this.

We're gonna tie up this Bizarro Cover countdown with, perhaps, the greatest southern rock band of my generation. As well as,one of the most unsung rock bands of all time. Here they are covering a tune about the struggles of American blue collar working men, or maybe it's about a hobo?

You'll have to suffer through a few original REM tunes during the video which is all good stuff in my book.

Here's the final roundup of Bizarro Cover tunes.
  1. Richard Thompson covers Britney Spears
  2. B-Hole Surfers cover Donovan
  3. Camper Van Beethoven cover Black Flag
  4. David Bowie covers The Velvet Underground
  5. The Clash covers Roots Reggae
  6. Sister Double Happiness covers 13th Floor Elevator
  7.  Plain Wrap covers Buffalo Springfield
  8. Seven Seconds covers Nancy Sinatra
  9. The Meat Puppets cover the Grateful Dead 
  10. REM covers Roger Miller

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