Monday, September 30, 2013

Magic Hat Hicu

Here is, yet another, brewing experiment from our friends at the Magic Hat Brewery. There was only one thing they could name this one because it is concocted with hibiscus and cucumber in the ingredients. They named it Hicu, I guess Haiku was  taken?

The pour produces a caramel, red, brown ale with very little carbonation. I poured it aggressively.  The first sip is dominated by the taste of cucumber. The second sip is just more cucumber and a sour ale hint.

As the beer warms I can begin to smell a brown ale. At this point, I detect the taste of ice tea, but I can't get over the the cucumber taste. If there was a bit of oil involved, I would describe the mouthfeel as salad dressing.

The label invites us to compose a Haiku about Hicu, here's mine. 

Lovely brown ale
tastes like curcurbits
I'll not have another.

Grade: 2 of 5 possible pints.


  1. Thanks for saving me the time/$ from testing this one out. As much as I like #9 I find three out of four of Magic Hats experiments are horrible, not just 'not my favorite'.

  2. I'm not a fan of raw cucumber by any means, but my taste test on this one surprised me. I actually enjoyed it.

    I might even have another, some time.

  3. I took time and opportunity to sample one of these and was actually impressed.

    See, I'm not a big fan of raw cucumber, so I set my expectations pretty low, but I have to admit I enjoyed sampling this one. I might even have another, some time.