Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yes, I still have T-shirts!

Yeah, I have fallen a bit behind with the T-shirt Tuesday feature. I could blame this on the rigors of modern life but I'll not present excuses, I'll only present t-shirts. Here are two I have acquired recently.

One of our local public schools, Karns, has chosen the beaver as their athletic mascot. I believe this is due to the local geographic point, Beaver Creek or something. Regardless, I became enamored with their mascot and found the shirt at Wal-Mart for $10.

The second shirt I picked up while Sally and I were in St. Louis. It's a St. Louis Cardinals St. Patrick' s Day shirt which reads, "Luck? I doubt it." This is a reference to any chance luck may have played in the Cardinals 2011 World Series Championship. I'm not strictly a Cardinals fan but I am a baseball fan and couldn't pass up this shirt which was on the bargain rack at the Cardinals Club House store.


 52 shirts posted 313 'til 365. As I've mentioned, since starting this project, I now suspect I only own around 100 t-shirts.


  1. "I'll not present excuses, I'll only present t-shirts" Love it, and go Beavers!

  2. Thanks Mik, are you a Karns alum?