Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old Hickory Brewery: Brown Mountain Light

So, it ain't Monday and I skipped last week, it's sad that my job prevents me from keeping a regular blog post schedule. Of course that's another story, anyone hiring in the beer industry?

I enjoyed this brew on tap at my favorite local pub Union Jacks. Brown Mnt. came out of the tap with a solid, foamy head. The barkeep stopped the pour to let the head settle down before she filled the glass. There are definitely some vanilla and buttery flavors in here. The color is a light gold, it is at least as light as an Anheusere Bush product and lighter and more transparent than Corona. Without a Budweiser for comparison, this is the lightest beer I have ever seen. I keep starring at the pint glass and determine that the appearance of this brew reminds of of a cider.

Just when I think that the vanilla may be a sensory mirage from the restaurant next door, I taste vanilla again in my next sip. Brown Mnt. Light is a great example of what a craft brewery can do with the American Pilsner style and remains reminiscent of the beers for Milwaukee and St. Louis. It remains refreshing to the last sip and ends with a bit more buttery taste.

I have to give Brown Mnt. a 4 out of 5 pints because it's just so darn light.

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