Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Open Letter to Exotic Dancers

This one is over due by a month and more.

Dear Ladies, Please don’t tell me that you “work hard.” You target perfect strangers for private dances that are anything but private at fees well higher than what most people make in an hour. I admit that your job requires talents that are limited to few who are young, beautiful, bold and dexterous but I would not describe your profession as hard work. Construction Workers work hard, mechanics work hard, factory workers and people who stand on their feet eight hours a day work hard, and accountants work hard.

It is only fair that I admit that I can laugh at myself as well as criticize others, I wrote this fictional account making light of the hard working dancer argument.
See this gaming forum comment.

Next at the ol’ FRI; we’ll celebrate Seis de Mayo or review a beer or both.

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